☕ Cafés on Campus

And so begins the new academic year; freshers are frolicking around having survived last week, the library is considerably less busy than it was in spring, and the campus is buzzing with students preparing to tackle the year ahead, both socially and academically. Having had my first lecture on dissertations, and thus knowing that I’m going to be spending a chunky proportion of my time in the library this year, I can tell that the cafés onsite are going to be my saving grace (as they always have been). So I thought, since we are so spoilt for choice and I’m a bit of a café snob (I do study English), I would present the top 3 campus cafes that come highly recommended by, well, myself.

3rd place – Loafers, SU Roof

When your struggling to stay motivated during your library session, and being surrounded by books and computers is getting a bit stuffy, you can rely on Loafers café. Just opposite the library, conveniently placed next to the SU shop, you can grab a coffee and one of their mouth-watering sandwiches, park yourself on the benches outside, and refresh your mind. As well as being super tasty and conveniently placed, it’s also incredible value for money, so you don’t have to feel bad about not having been organised enough to bring your own home-made coffee and lunch.

2nd place – Drake’s Kitchen

If a sandwich isn’t quite going to cut it, or you just quite fancy a meal cooked for you, get yourself to Drake’s Kitchen at the bottom of Francis Drake Halls of Residence. You can indulge in a hearty full English, or a selection of different cooked meals guaranteed to fill you up for a very decent price. Alternatively, if it is just coffee and cake that you’re looking for, don’t overlook Drake’s. For the experimental foodies amongst you, I once caught site of a pretty fine-looking courgette cake amongst their other goodies…

1st place – The Writing Café, Babbage

Now, as an English student, this might be a little biased seeing as most of my seminars and workshops take place in Babbage. But nothing gets me through a two hour workshop like one of their mochas and, if I’m really struggling, one of their gooey brownies (shh don’t tell my coach!). Because it’s tucked away on the top floor of Babbage it’s usually fairly quiet, making it a great workspace. PLUS there are student writing mentors who are available to meet with if you want essays checked or if you just want to improve your writing! It’s worth the stairs, I promise.