Six modules, twelve assignments and 30,000 words later and year two is completed! Submitting my final assignment on Tuesday morning was such a wonderful feeling, since it means that I can now look forward to Summer and a bit of fun and freedom.

Due to training, I’ll be staying in Plymouth until the end of July in order to prepare for our next competition, the British Swimming Summer Championships. That might sound like a bit of a bore but I’m actually really looking forward to it! If the weather can stay warm and sunny for longer than a day than I’d almost rather be in Plymouth than at home! Road trips to beaches in Cornwall, soaking up some rays on the Hoe, barbecues, grabbing breakfast on the Barbican – they’re all on the agenda. And even if the weather isn’t quite beach-appropriate, I have developed a love for going to the cinema, especially when a student ticket at Reel Cinema in town is only a fiver! So hopefully there will be some good films coming out this Summer so that I have an excuse to go and purchase a large portion of popcorn.


Even though I said this Summer is all about enjoying some ‘freedom’ from work and assignments, third year does demand a bit of preparation, especially when the majority of your course relies on you having read many…many…many books. Fortunately, doing an English degree means that you will rarely be given a badly written book to read, so my spare time in between training sessions will be filled with good literature. So I’ll have this to keep busy as I wait to hear back from a placement application that will hopefully (fingers crossed) see me doing a week’s work experience at BBC Radio 1.

As well as this, the word that strikes fear in to the hearts of all second and third years; the early stages of the dissertation are underway. As every third year has told us that ‘they wished they had done more over summer’, I will be beginning to do some research and dipping my toes in to my chosen subject, which lies within the realm of poetics and music. As daunting as that sounds, I have also been reassured by my course tutors that third year is the best year as you get to write for yourself a bit more on topics that interest you. So, as always, there is a silver lining! My tip to making research more enjoyable is by combining it with a coffee either outdoors (weather permitting) somewhere in Royal William Yard, or tucked up in a cosy coffee shop in town.

Here’s to an exciting (and productive) few Summer months!