Results Day

To those who have finished their GCSE’s, A-Levels or any other exams that have been thrown at you, congratulations! To those still persevering with one or two left to go – keep working hard, you’re almost there! Walking out of the exam hall after your last exam, knowing that a Summer of fun and freedom (and potentially never attending school again) awaits you is a great feeling. But, despite this, everyone can sympathise with the unavoidable nerves bubbling underneath that affect everyone in the lead up to results day. 

My results day was fairly underwhelming; I got exactly the grades that I was predicted and that I expected, so I was neither disappointed nor pleasantly surprised. In fact, my parents weren’t even aware that it was my results day, so my brother and I sang ‘ABC’ by The Jackson 5 around the house until they caught on. BUT, what I can recommend is making plans with friends or family for the day/evening in order to celebrate, whether it’s a mini holiday, a party or a nice meal. I spent two nights in Essex with my school roomie (who had also got in to Plymouth!) and, if the location didn’t give it away, yes it was two nights of partying hard. Letting my hair down with the gals was just what I needed to celebrate. Even if your results come as a bit of a disappointment, having a laugh with other people is the best cure, and it will give you something to look forward to to celebrate all the hard work that you put in throughout the year.


To me, that is very important; be confident in the work that you have done! You should feel proud that you managed to survive what are definitely some of the most stressful and challenging weeks of your life. If the results aren’t quite what you expected, don’t let that put you down about the amount of work you put in because I can promise you it won’t go to waste. All of the knowledge that I built up whilst doing my AS Levels and my A Levels is invaluable to me now. I even used my notes that I kept from A Level English for one of my last assignments!

No matter what happens, don’t think that your future is ruined; there are lots of other wonderful opportunities available if plan A doesn’t work out. 90% of the time, students who have had to go with plan B’s or even plan C’s will end up being glad that their results led them down an unexpected route! I expect that the majority of you have applied for more than one university so there’s a comforting thought already.

And then there’s always clearing! At Plymouth University, I have a handful of friends who came through clearing and they are having the time of their lives. Although I don’t know much about it, if it does come down to clearing, check out this link which is crawling with details:


My mum always told me that whatever happens is meant to be, so don’t stress over things that can’t be changed and have faith that everything happens for a reason. I shall cross my fingers for you all on results day and wish you all the best!