🏹 Competing for University – This Year's Archery Round-Up 🏹


During my spare time, I compete as a member of the University of Plymouth Archery Club. Unlike most sports clubs at Plymouth University, we don’t compete in Varsity, (as Marjon don’t have an archery club) and we don’t have an off season.

The first archery season starts in September and finishes at the end of March, and the second archery season starts in April and ends in September. This means we compete in 2 BUCS (British University and Colleges Sport)Championship events and 4 SWWU (South Wales and West University) competitions, double the amount other clubs.


This year the University of Plymouth Archery Club have competed in more competitions, have won more medals and been in more publications than any previous year. We have given members the chance to compete at both county level events around Devon and Cornwall, and university events throughout the country. We also have an online league that all members compete in against members of other universities.

We have won over 30 medals as a club this winter season, along with several trophies and were featured in the national magazine, not once, but twice. We have gone from being a lower university club in this sport, from climbing to 5th as a team at BUCS 2018, up from 17th.


Despite all the wins and great chances to compete, archery is a very chill sport. Some of our members want to be competing in every way possible way and preparing for BUCS events, but others shoot more casually and prefer the zen like relaxation of shooting arrows at a target. Because archery uses completely different muscles to most sports, you don’t need to be classically fit to compete at any level. So, we get people of all lifestyles and backgrounds joining our club.

It is for these reasons a lot of people try archery at uni. I personally had been doing it beforehand, and the offer to do it more seriously at university was one I gladly accepted. Since University of Plymouth Archery Club is one of the cheapest sport clubs on campus and one of the cheapest archery clubs in the country, I would recommend any freshers or current students to come and check it out at the fresher’s fair each year, as we only have limited spaces.