🎓 My Experience of UCAS Clearing ⚗️

The UCAS deadline was earlier this year, along with the terror of deciding which university course you’d like to do and where you`d like to do it. This is the point where I can say it is not the only option.


For example, I didn’t get onto the course I wanted because I messed up my final chemistry exam, which happened to be worth the most marks. However, Plymouth offered a foundation course which was brilliant, as I didn’t really want to stay in college and university could not come soon enough, so this was perfect for me.

Clearing is also an option if you didn’t focus much on your UCAS form and instead focused on getting your grades. Regardless of what happens, you can either apply through Clearing if you don’t get your target grades, or through UCAS Adjustment if you achieve better than expected. If come the end of the school year you have decided against the course you previously applied for, it is definitely an option to reapply. Speaking from experience, the staff members in charge of Clearing are very understanding - at least I know they are at Plymouth.

Plymouth was the perfect university for me for three main reasons: closeness to home, an ocean environment, and course type.


Being from Cornwall, the closeness to the ocean was a good thing to combat homesickness, and Plymouth being the closest STEM university to Cornwall also made my choice that much easier. However, the main reason to pick the University of Plymouth over another South-Western university is the practicality of the courses. For example, the course I am on measures lab work and course work on said lab work above everything else. As I mentioned earlier, this is the course for someone who has a “mild” dislike for all things exam based.


Even so, going to any uni is a gamble. The gamble decreases if you make sure to go to an open day, or if you have Plymouth down as your final choice. Look out for our applicant days – attending one is one of the best things I did when I was thinking of going to Plymouth. I met people from my course as well as people who were members of the societies and sports clubs I was thinking of joining. This one applicant day answered all my questions in one fell swoop.