🏊 Activities To Do As a Student At The University of Plymouth 🏊

Now that Freshers Week is over and actual university has begun, everyone has well and truly moved into their halls or flats. Now what can you do?

Well, with the large number of Sports Clubs and Societies on campus, there are plenty of non-drinking ways to have fun, or partial drinking ways, whichever you choose. These clubs normally meet weekly and are a must for the start of term, even if you just join your subject’s society. i.e CHEMsoc. This gives you an avenue to meet people from different years of your course and get to know what you should expect next year.


From the big and bold in Plymouth Rugby, Football and Basketball competing in Varsity every year, to the smaller clubs that compete in inter University events around the country, like Adventure and Expo and Archery, there’s a place for everyone. Between the 55+ clubs on offer there is sure to be something you wanted to try at some point in your life, and University is the perfect place to start.


Not into Sports? Well there are plenty of societies around campus, from the aforementioned course-based societies to the societies for those looking to support a cause they believe in or bolster their CV and experience, like the “fundraising and volunteering” tab on the UPSU website. This includes the Coppafeel society, which raises awareness for breast cancer in students, or the First Aid society where you can take a fully taught health and safety course with the St. Johns Ambulance.

Then there’s the more recreational societies under the “general interest” tab, like Game Soc, Anime Society, Unicycling society and of course “Knit Fast Die Warm”. All of which meet on a regular basis to ensure you won’t get bored while you’re at uni.

There are also many other things your student card offers you, apart from the discounted clothes and gadgets through UNIdays. The University have a deal with the Plymouth Life Centre, where you can access free swimming and get a student discount on rock climbing and bouldering, all of which are great for keeping shape and giving you chance to get out of the work environment, which is very important for mental health as well as physical.


So, make sure you get yourself booked into a few societies or sports clubs before the end of October so that you can have something else to do alongside your studies, help you relax, as there is no point stressing all the time.