🏹 The Sporting Excellence of Archery

I thought I would write this blog post because Plymouth University Archers are not usually the most competitive archery club, and we don’t usually go anywhere with the expectation to win. This year, however, we have already won eleven medals in the past two months, more than Plymouth University had won in the previous two years. The people who put the effort in deserve a big congratulations, and it was really good of UPSU sports to invite along our medal winning members to an event celebrating sporting excellence, because in these last few months Plymouth Archers have shown just that!


Since the start of term, Plymouth University Archers have received numerous archery awards. We have had several good archers come through and win things for Plymouth. We had our first month of the university E-league where each university club competes against each other, and Plymouth came top of their division with the highest score ever scored by the University’s team! This showed how good a team we have to move forward with.


Next, we had the Worchester (a type of archery round where you shoot at a five-ring circle with a white centre) at Newquay, in which our club walked away with a silver medal in Olympic style recurve and a gold medal with a trophy in longbow. This was another good win for Plymouth as our club doesn’t usually compete in the surrounding non-university area!

Then came SWWU, the South West and Wales University competition, which was held at Exeter University. At the SWWU we walked away with a gold in the male experienced recurve category, a gold in the male experienced barebow category (no attachments to the bow), a gold in the novice (shooting of less than a year) barebow category and a bronze in the novice compound category. This gave Plymouth one of the best medal counts we have had at SWWU for many years, and gave us a good chance at bringing home some BUCS points this year.

The day after SWWU we travelled further south into Cornwall to go to a Redruth hosted competition, where our tired but determined archers still wanted to try and win some more medals for themselves and Plymouth University. We came away with a recurve gold, silver and bronze, a barebow gold and silver and a silver for longbow, meaning that Plymouth won six medals on that Sunday alone.

It was a brilliant competition and I would recommend to anyone that you get involved with Plymouth University Archers. Competing for Plymouth University is a great experience, it gives you the opportunity to meet new people from other universities, and to try and beat them! You also get the chance to be a part of the team and represent your university.