Results Day

After your exams comes the inescapable dread of “did I get the grades I needed”, “what happens if I don’t”, “I’ve decided I don’t like my back-up and need to get my first choice”.

My very first piece of advice is to use the help your chosen university can offer, they have the call centres where you can contact the people who will look after application, contact the lecturers of your course, ask them if there is anything you can do if you just miss out on your required grade. If you miss out completely is there another way you can get onto the course, for example through a foundation year or similar?

There is usually another way onto the course, even if it involves retaking the exams in early first semester.


There is also always the option of Clearing.

Clearing is where you can apply to some university courses that still have spaces after results day. You can apply to one of these courses if:

  • you have not got into your first or second choice,
  • or if you don’t like your first and second choice,
  • or if you didn’t make an application this year.

With clearing you may not be able to get onto the exact course you want be may be able to get something similar at another university and be able to transfer after a year or two. So, if you just miss out on your place in a biomed course at one Uni, it is likely you’ll be able to get a place on a biosciences course at a different Uni.

For both processes, contact is key. Whether it is contact with the Uni to see what happens if you miss out slightly on your grades and for clearing look on the UCAS website for the available spaces and contact UCAS and the university you would like to apply to through clearing to find out how you stand the best chance of getting it.

But most of all, these next few weeks between your exam and getting your results, don’t let the fear of results day eat into the fun you could be having! There’s a pretty high chance that this summer will be the last summer you spend in a tight friendship with your current friends, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I don’t have any pictures of me worrying about getting my results I only have the picture of the fun I had over summer and the things I did instead of worrying and so should you.