A Day in the Life of a Chemistry Student (and archer!)

Sunday 7th


Wake up at 8:30

Archery is the one thing I can justify getting up this early for, I really do like my sleep.


Actually get up, get dressed and be ready at 9

Again, early mornings are not my thing.


Leave to arrive at archery at 9:30

Whether I get a lift there or a walk to Lipson College (where Archery practice is held) I leave at the same time.


Arrive at archery

Set up archery equipment, put out the targets, set up bows.



Shoot Olympic-style recurve for 3 hours.

Think I do quite well since I shot a personal best.

Pack up archery equipment

Fellow archers all head to Wetherspoon’s or any other place that sells food on the way home, like Goodbody's or Caffeine Club.


Have food and drink (cider and a burger).

Chat and make merry.



Head home at like 2:00 and start university work.

Write out more of my presentation course work.


Write a list of things to do.

(University has got me into writing lists, or else I forget everything)


Plan my girlfriend’s birthday and birthday party.

(Just in case you were wondering, it was a success)



Finish buying a second-hand bow

It was cheap and a great opportunity to try something new.


Sit down to do some revision while listening to podcasts.

I find it difficult to do work in complete silence, so podcasts are the way to go for me.


Finish revision after a few hours.

It’s just enough for me to do every day and not start to hate the work I’m doing, because I really do like my subject.


Play games and listen to podcasts.

Playing relaxing games to stop being so stressed about exams and course work and it is also just fun.