The Easter holidays

The work/fun balance is truly tested during the Easter holidays. On the one hand, you’re back home with old college friends, which will inevitably lead to one poorly planned meet up and several nights out. But on the other hand, you have exams in less than a month, all your course work deadlines will probably be in the next few months too, so it would be good to get those done.

Then these Easter holidays go and throw the curve ball of it’s going to be super-hot and sunny the entire time you’re on holiday, so many opportunities so go out to cafés, head to the beach or do some sport. “I’d like to see you try and stay in a room and do some work” says Mother Nature as she turns up the heat and makes the weather beautiful.

Well I played Mother Nature’s game, after my birthday I got down and I started the research and fleshing out of my presentation, unfortunately the weather then got even better and the wind all but disappeared, making it perfect archery weather, which I could not resist no matter how hard I tried.

This lead to me spending about a week straight on an archery field either with people I usually shoot with or just on my own, it was nice to have a bit of a change from shooting inside of a hall and this was a bit of change I took full advantage of.

However, having to do a lot of work in the first week back at Uni, is not a method I would recommend. I mean it was fun at the time and I would 100% percent do it again in an instant, but this first week is catching up and doing a lot of the work I could’ve taken my time with over the Easter holidays.

Although considering I went to a hotel for my birthday, did a lot of archery every week and went to London for the Warner Brother studio tour, I’d say I haven’t done too bad in keeping on top of my work load. Someone with a better work ethic might not have got a Sytherin scarf and a marauders map mug and that kind of speaks for itself. Although like many of my friends I know by the end of the break I was kind of looking forward to heading back up to Uni, to my little flat and my own familiar mess.

I hope anyone reading this had as good of an Easter break as I did.