My Birthday!

I could talk about a lot of things in this blog, going home for Easter, seeing family or meeting old friends. But NOPE is was my birthday this month and I only get to talk about it once a year, so here goes! 

My birthday landed in the Easter holidays, so I had great fun back home in Cornwall (the very end of Cornwall to be precise..)

Because I’m no longer in a city, the number of clubs within walking distance has dramatically decreased, so I decided to spend 2 days and 1 night at The Lands End hotel for my birthday. It’s moments like this, when I can walk around coast paths and there’s not a car in sight, that I know I prefer the country side to a city. Despite Plymouth Uni’s great location between the sea, the country side and a city; it still can’t compare to where I grew up.

I started the day by driving about half an hour to the edge of Cornwall and in turn the edge of the UK. The weather was beautiful, hardly any wind and lovely sunshine to match. My girlfriend and I walked along the cliffs, with the entirety of England to the left and the uninterrupted Atlantic Ocean on the right. We went to a nearby farm and got to feed new born lambs and calfs from the bottle that were only a week old, which was great and very, very adorable.

We had a wonderful fancy meal while the sun was setting, which made it a perfect evening and a great present from my parents. In the morning I ordered 3 breakfasts and had it delivered to the room via room service - the ultimate luxury!

However even with perfect weather and great company it doesn’t change the fact that I’m no longer a teenager and might even be required to act maturely, although I’m not worried about having to act mature… More the amount of people I might disappoint by acting nowhere near mature enough for my age! I don’t have an awful lot more to say about my birthday apart from how great it was, so I might just end with the old saying of “A picture paints a thousand words”.