Competing at BUCS Part 2: The Regrettening

To say that the final to the British University and Colleges Sport archery final did not go to plan is probably an understatement.

The Friday before the final I thought I would try and get in some practice on the targets we would be shooting, only to find out I was making so many little mistakes that my shooting had degraded somewhat, probably because of nerves, but this meant I stayed until 9 to try and fix my shooting.


I came to regret this when I remembered I would have to be up at 5 to get into Bristol before 8:30, this paired with nerves not allowing me to get to sleep until even later. Still, the representatives of Plymouth University Archery Club, were on the road by 5am, in a car with a door that didn’t close properly, with the other archer driving while feeling ill and the photographer in the back fast asleep.

The Journey

1.       Spilled boiling hot coffee from a service station on my lap and the floor of the car.

2.       Taped the door up with duct tape until the wind could not be heard through the gap.

3.       Stopped off at a McDonalds for breakfast, extra hash browns PLEASE

4.       Went to Tesco to get new trousers that I could wear since my white jeans were covered in coffee.

5.       Redo car duct tape to again try to stop the wind.

6.       Attempt to redo car duct tape while going over 70 on the motor way.

7.       Arrive at Bristol at 8:00, spend an hour trying to drink enough water to get rid of the coffee shakes.

8.       Fail.

9.       Start equipment check and sign in process.

10.   Caffeine shake my way to the line to start shooting.

11.   Vow to come up the night before and sleep before BUCS next time!

12.   Start scored shooting.

13.   Score very well.

14.   Caffeine crash.

15.   Score very poor.

16.   Come in 51st place overall, feel bad.

17.   Realise I beat over 300 people to get to this position, feel better.

18.   Make a lot of “next year when I’m captain” style sentences about how we get to BUCS

19.   Prepare to leave as the other archer didn’t score high enough to enter the head to head.

20.   High five because this means we don’t have to stay in Bristol for another 3 hours and potentially be here until 6.

21.   Prepare to leave and head towards home.


23.   KFC

24.   Stay awake entire journey so driver doesn’t get bored.

25.   Get home at 6

26.   SLEEP

27.   Prepare for the next archery competition… Tomorrow.

28.   Try to win that one instead.

29.   Succeed


All photos by Emma King