Exam Pressure

At this time during my A-levels I was putting off going to Applicant Days until I received all of my offers back and the mock exam season was in full swing. People were pulling their hair out because they didn’t get the perfect mark they needed in the mocks to reassure themselves that they would pass come June time.

A few things to remember: doing well in your mocks does not mean a straight pass at the end of the year, doing bad does not mean you have failed already and stressing out is just as bad now and it is during proper exam season. So, for those of you already revising and worrying about your exams (if you’re not revising already you probably should start) remember:

1.       Take breaks.

Your college will probably be hammering this home already, but they are right. Just make sure that fun and relaxing is the break from revision and not the other way around. A once a week hobby where you can forget about all the stress of exams and revision is a godsend when you’re feeling worried, something you can do with friends is even better.

2.       Past papers.

Again, something you’re being told constantly but they do work. Do a past paper under exam conditions and then revise everything you got wrong and you can see how confident you are in your subject.

3.       ASK FOR HELP!

Don't panic!

Don't panic!


I cannot stress this enough, your teachers are there to help you learn and succeed and they have also watched countless students go through this process. I made the mistake of being too worried about how I’d look asking for help that it really affected my revision and my overall grades. It’s worth talking it through with a teacher.

4.       Don’t belittle yourself, work until you’re confident in your abilities.

If you think you can’t do it and give up then you never will be able to do it. Not being able to do it is not an excuse to give up and telling yourself you’re not smart enough to do it will only lead to you being less confident in your subject and less able to revise. Just remember revision will help you through.

Just remember this is your chance at doing something you love for years on end, don’t let that go to waste because you wanted a few more nights out (just wait for fresher’s week) or because you wanted a few more hours on your internet site of choice (again wait till fresher’s week) and just remember you CAN do it IF you TRY.