Applicant Days

First, if you’re even contemplating going to a university, whether it’s your firm choice or your backup choice; yes, you should definitely go to an Applicant Day.

Second, if you are thinking of going to one of Plymouth’s Applicant Days, you should 100% percent go (from my experience).


Well, Applicant Days are not only a good way to look around the university and meet lectures, like an Open Day but with a little more time to walk around and chat to specific lecturers about the topics covered or how intensive the course is. Or it can just be a great time to learn new information about the course you might be doing that isn’t posted onto the website.

Walking around campus

Walking around campus


The lecturers might even have something prepared for you to do on the Applicant Day, for example when I went to a chemistry Applicant Day, I was going to talk to lectures about what would happen if my grades didn’t quite meet the bounds for the course. However, what they had planned that day was a test laboratory session that was counted as an interview, if your lab practical skills were safe and accurate there was a chance the grades you needed to get onto the course would be lower and would have some wiggle room when it came to getting onto the course you wanted.

Yet another reason to go to an Applicant Day is having all your questions answered, from wanting to know the percentage you must get at the end of year 1 to continue the course, to how harshly the coursework you might be set is marked, or if you just want to have a look around the halls of residence Plymouth have to offer and see where you might be staying in next year. From the lectures of your course to the student ambassadors they will usually be someone near you can ask a question.

I spent a lot of my time after speaking to my lectures with an ambassador who was in the Archery sports society, a society that I was planning on joining during my first year of university. She answered some questions that that couldn’t be found on the website and if I hadn’t gone to the Applicant Day I never would have had the answers to them.

Explore the city!

Explore the city!


It is also a great opportunity to spend some time looking around a city you might be living in for the next few years, so taking the time to look around the area might help you out when it comes to September time.

In short, if you’re unsure about any part of your course or the university and how you’re going to get around it, go to an Applicant Day. It saves so much unneeded stress because you don’t want to be worrying about the finer points of your accommodation or your course when you are preparing for your exams and it is worth going for that alone.