Why I chose Plymouth

I personally chose Plymouth for 5 reasons, but after my first Open Day I had narrowed it to two main reasons to go to Plymouth over anywhere else.

Main Reason 1 - The Course

When I was looking for a chemistry course, I was looking for something that would teach me how to be a chemist in a lab rather than only know the theory and not be able to replicate it in a lab environment. I chose Plymouth hands-down on this because the chemistry course they offered contain a lot of practical work and was more course work based than the same course offered by other universities and this was exactly what I was looking for, less reliance on end of year exams and more on whether you can but the knowledge to practice in a lab. Since Plymouth’s chemistry facilities are also new and there are some that are state of the art it seemed crazy not to pick this course over others.


Main Reason 2 - Proximity

I’ve lived in Cornwall my whole life and I didn’t particularly want to go to the other end of the country, or anywhere near London to go to university, but I was willing to go further up country if the course there was better or the facilities were better. Plymouth’s location was just right; the city was not too far away from home so that if I wanted to I could go down for a weekend without having to spend £80 on a train journey.

photo 1.JPG

Reason 3 - Location

Having grown up in Cornwall and never been more than 10 minutes away from the sea at some point, I didn’t want to go to a university that was land-locked with no access to the sea. I think it helps combat any onset of home-sickness, so I can just go down to one of the many pubs by the sea and relax.

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Reason 4 - Accommodation

After I had applied for Plymouth I got an offer for a friend who was already up there - in her 2nd year she would be moving into a flat owned by a landlord she knew and it would work out cheaper for me to come and live there. Although this wasn’t the deal breaker for me choosing Plymouth over other universities, it definitely helped.

Reason 5 - A Foundation Year Course

A-level me was not confident with exams…neither is university me but there isn’t much either of us could do but study and hope not to freeze during the exam. Plymouth University offered a foundation year for Chemistry, which means if you don’t get the grades to go onto the first year course you can do an extra year and be guaranteed a place, this helps massively to take the pressure off during the lead up to exams and meant I would be going to Plymouth no matter what my results.