A Week in the Life of a Chemistry student (and archer!)


Normally I do not have any lectures on a Monday, but I am still woken up early when my girlfriend goes to her lectures. Once I have woken up, I do some course work and take breaks that fill up my Monday.



I have a lecture on Tuesday every fortnight, and after this I touch up on my notes, write a blog post or read around my subject with the books I was given for my course.


I have a 9am mandatory practical on the Wednesday. In the practical we go through the workbook following the practical steps, then there are calculations and questions to do. There is usually an hour between the end of the practical and the beginning of my next lecture, this is used to compare results with my friends in the Student Union and see which one of us got the wildly different result this time. After another lecture, I make sure I have all the questions answered from the practical and then I can relax for the rest of the day!



I am in university all day on Thursday, with no practicals and non-stop lectures (with an hour for lunch). This is where most of my notes come from and I guess it’s the price paid for nearly a 4-day weekend!

One of my other flatmates cooks on the Thursday so that means I don’t have to cook after I get back at 6pm which is a plus.


I have a lecture in the morning on the Friday, however there is a 2-hour break between the end of this lecture and the beginning of another mandatory practical, this is enough time to have food at home and save some money. After the practical, there is more time to eat and relax before its time to go to archery and shoot targets for a few hours. I can think of no better way to relax at the end of the week than shooting my bow for a bit.


Saturday is one the few days I can sleep in and I take full advantage of this! After my longer sleep I tend to either go out to meet friends during the day and or go shopping and stay in with my flatmates playing games and being generally lazy. It’s nice to have a break at the end of the week not matter how busy (or not) it was! Today is the day I would usually experiment with cooking something new for tea, because it’s nice to try something different.


I’m up at 9am for more archery. I love shooting so getting up this early for it doesn’t bother me. I usually come back and spend the rest of the day playing games and doing a little bit of work if I’m feeling guilty, but mainly gaming.


That is my week of work, procrastination, with a little sport thrown in!