Freshers: a summary of a very busy week

Freshers' week can be daunting for first years and I would be lying if I said I felt any different.

On my first day of induction I was if anything more lost than most; not being in halls for my first year meant that I didn’t have flat mates to rely on or to walk around the campus with and all around were groups of people who seemed to have settled in already. However like most students in the same position, all my nerves on the first day were for nothing as by the end of it I had made several acquaintances from my course and even a couple of friends.

I made sure to explore the new locations on campus, the new buildings (including the ones as a science student I would be spending all of my time in) and the ones I would probably never see again after this first week. I spent a lot of time checking out the marquees on campus, mainly the one above the SU, where there were plenty of posters, plants and anything the new flat needed to make it feel like home.

The rest of induction went by in a rush of confusing time tables, lectures full of information, loads of new faces and plenty of free food and drink. So much happened in the first week that after the first day there wasn’t even enough time to be worried about all the new things I would be doing and all the new people I would be meeting, both lecturers and students.

The nights on induction week would go by as quick as the days, more faces, again of friendly lecturers and just as friendly students. I only went to two of the “Freshers' Events” and the rest of the week I took it easy, went to local pubs instead of clubs or just stayed in with my flat mates. I would definitely recommend going the to the events on in freshers' week, use them as a chance to get to know your course/flat mates or even get to know their friends.

One thought to walk away with: there are so many opportunities to meet friends in the first few weeks that if I knew what I know now I would not be half as worried. If you don’t meet people during induction week, then you still have the nights and Freshers' events and if you don’t make any then, you have the actual start of lectures and workshops - here you’ll be put with people to work with, and you'll have a chance to talk properly to the people on your course.

Anyone reading this going to uni next year… Relax it’s not worth stressing about!