Plymouth and I

Hello! My name is Jordan Doyle. I am a first year student studying English at Plymouth University. I came all the way from the glorious sunny south of Birmingham. Anyone familiar with Birmingham will understand that I am being sarcastic, the weather is rarely ‘sunny’ and the colours of the city are mostly drab; nondescript greys and browns.

I like to think that the dull pallet of colours painting the city of Birmingham inspired a kind of rebellion leading to many of my life choices; to seek the new or exotic, and drew me towards adventurous decisions. Essentially I have been repelled for most of my life from anything that symbolised, or reminded me of, the monotony of suburban life in Birmingham.

Hailing from a background dappled with experiences in many creative fields, I have wound up here. I spent my youth acting on stage and in minor television roles. Nothing special aside from a few close scrapes with serious fame (Game of Thrones and Robin Hood - whaaaat!?) Unfortunately, as is the shifting persona of mother drama, she has a fickle nature.

The truth is, you rarely luck out so early in your career and I am way too impatient a person to grind like that, searching for a lucky break that might never come. The ability to really be more hands-on with my own success in writing is what drew me to authoring my first poems and literary pieces. Again, like a magpie in a treasury I was drawn to many different aspects of the craft, including song writing and prose.

This all led me to applying for English at Plymouth.

 Yours truly... at Plymouth National Marine Aquarium!

Yours truly... at Plymouth National Marine Aquarium!

To be honest, I came to university with a lot of fears; college makes you take the bad with the good,  sure you get to study what you love, English and writing for me, but then you also have to devote so much time to studying subjects you may have a talent for but no real passion.

You might be shocked by feeling a sense of vertigo right before you embark for university, the naysayers might start to get to you; whispering of debts and doubts. I think there lies a real danger in allowing any of this to fester in your mind.

University has been so fulfilling already from an academic standpoint for me: rather than spending hours in a college, sitting around waiting for another lecture about something I don’t care so much about, my only lectures are about subjects, topics and ideas that I am enamoured with. I realised quickly after arriving that it was better to embrace whatever this place had to offer me and work out how I felt about it later, instead of imposing my own expectations and uncertainties upon it.

I can only recommend you try and do the same; be excited for this adventure, explore the new city, smile at the new people, welcome to Plymouth!