Finishing my degree

As of May 26th I handed in my last assignment and finished my English and Creative Writing degree. It feels very strange to suddenly be free and have no essays to write or worry about, and to finally have time to relax. Since finishing, I went to the Summer Ball, have spent a lot of time on the Hoe sitting in the sun, had a BBQ by the lighthouse and I have also started to explore more of Plymouth. Today the weather was perfect so my friends Lisa, Melissa and I drove to and explored the Moors, and visited Burrator reservoir, I wish I’d visited sooner as it is beautiful out there. 

Although my time at Plymouth is over, I am not finished with studying. I am very happy that I have been accepted onto my masters course and have decided to study MA Film and Television: Research and Production back in my home city, starting this September. In the future, I plan to continue to write screenplays, and now I shall also learn the technical side of film making and begin to turn my scripts into films. Although I am extremely looking forward to September, part of me is very sad to leave Plymouth. However I am spending a few more weeks here to have some fun before I go back home. 

I am especially going to miss living by the sea, as this is what I wanted four years ago when I was in Sixth Form choosing universities; three of my five choices were universities by the sea. I also loved being in walking distance to the city centre near all the shops, cafes and restaurants all this time, (at home I have to catch a train or a bus to get to these things). I am especially going to miss the friends I have made here, even our long days spent in the library.  Although I am relieved to be finished for the summer, next year I will miss the seminars and lectures here at Plymouth and the tutors that gave them. It was always clear right from the start of first year that the lecturers here care about you, they want you to succeed and will help in anyway they can. I’ve had the greatest three years here at Plymouth University, I’m so glad that I came here and I am grateful for everything I have learned.