My study tips

As I do not take any exams on my course, I have been spending the last few weeks writing my dissertation and writing the last few assignments. Here are some tips for studying and writing coursework that have helped me get through these past few weeks...  

 -Gather all your notes in one space. Keeping everything organized will help out when finding your notes, quotes and references before you sit down to write your assignment.

-Do your work in the morning and afternoon, spend your evenings unwinding and relaxing your brain.

-Eat well! It will be easier to concentrate and focus for longer if you are eating the right foods and drinking lots of water. However, don’t worry about treating yourself occasionally as well, you deserve it.

-Work for a little while everyday. Focus on your work for two hours, then have a quick break, get some coffee or a snack before returning to studying. It’s much less stressful to do a little bit of writing everyday instead of leaving the whole piece of work until the night before, you will get better grades too.

-This one may not work for everybody, but I like to work with my friends. For the past few weeks I have spent everyday in the library with my friends Melissa and Lisa.

-If you have questions, ask your friends on your course. If neither of you know the answer, email your tutor.

-If you are writing a dissertation or a piece of coursework, keep reading over your work. This helps you to see your whole argument more clearly and fix places where it could be stronger, as well as find typos. Get your friends, family or flat-mates to read over your dissertation too.

-Don’t try and study in bed. You will fall asleep.

-Stay positive! You can do it! It will soon be summer!