A typical day as a third year student

Hello, my name is Jessica Brown and I am a third year student studying BA (Hons) English Literature and Creative Writing.  I am an aspiring screenwriter; my dream is to write horror films and ghost stories and to have the world see my work. I am currently working on a horror screenplay for my dissertation and one day I hope to see it on the Big Screen. Outside of University life I am a huge fan of Disney and completely obsessed with coffee. 

As a third year student, especially in this last semester, every day is a race against the clock to see how much work you can get done. I study English and Creative Writing, therefore we do not have many contact hours, I am only in lectures and seminars for six hours a week. This is because for English it is all about independent study and, of course, your own dissertation.  I have decided that third year feels like you are running along the face of a clock, but as the hands are turning they keep knocking you down as they zoom past you. You either fall to the ground and panic the hands of the clock fly over you, or you keep jumping over them and stay on top of the time. What I am trying to say is that third year is stressful, but that is okay as long as you work hard and use your time wisely.

A typical day for me is going to a lecture or a seminar in the morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and I am home by early afternoon. I personally prefer to come home to do my work as the house is quiet, I can change into comfy clothes, make endless cups of coffee and listen to some music. For me, there is something about the library that I find quite stressful as you are surrounded by a lot of other students who are frantically typing away and working towards deadlines. Also, since on my course there is a lot of reading to do, I prefer to get cosy at home and curl up with the novels and texts we are studying next. At the moment, as for many third year students, my top priority is my dissertation, I am writing a screenplay for a horror film. The first half of it was finished by Christmas, so this semester I am working on the second half of the script, which, for me, is definitely the hardest part. Everyone talks about how stressful the dissertation is, and of course it is completely true. It is difficult to continuously work on it all the time as well as keeping up with your other modules. However, personally, I love writing my dissertation and I am proud of it, and since screenwriting is what I want to do with my life, I want to use this time to become as good as it as possible.

I imagine you have heard the phrase “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” from the very scary Stephen King novel ‘The Shining’. Like most people, I like to use the evening to wind down after I’ve done some work for a few hours. Admittedly, nights out have become less frequent in our household since third year began. However some evenings my housemates will go out for a quiet drink and I’ll join them, some nights we’ll watch television together in the living room, and some evenings I like to stay in my room and watch a film with some sweets or a hot chocolate. Perhaps this isn’t the coolest way to spend my evenings as a student, this I will happily admit, but it makes me happy. Lets face it, I am almost a real adult now.