🦐 Reasons why Marine Biology is the best

If you are one of those rare people (and believe me you are in the minority) who doesn’t immediately think that Marine Biology sounds interesting, and that it’s not the best degree out there, then let me explain just a few of the many reasons why your first impression is entirely wrong.


1.       Travel!

Who doesn’t like adventures in the wider world? Three years of studying marine biology has already taken me across the full length of Norway, above the arctic circle, to sunny Barcelona and out to sea, spending a month bobbing around the Azores. Field work has taken me from Liverpool to Plymouth, exploring the shores of Northern Wales, and cycling around the Scottish Isle of Cumbrae. I have friends who started in Scotland and ended in the Bahamas, worked their summers in South Africa and even volunteered in Berlin Zoo’s aquarium department. There really is no end to a Marine Biologist’s travels, the currents flow and we follow them.

2.       Course mates!

I’m sure that everyone thinks that their mates are the best, but I genuinely believe that students in this field are some of the most down to earth (or down to sea) people you could ever come across. There is a sense of unity that is very rare for degree courses. Perhaps it’s the long, hard-working field trips in remote destinations without internet. Or perhaps it’s that they are the only people who think my fish t-shirt is fashionable. For whatever reason, a marine biologist is certainly a fishy friend for life.

3.      Chasing tides at 5am!

I’ll admit that when the alarm first goes off, the last thing I want to do is crawl out of bed, but the moment I’m out of the door into cold fresh night air to head to the beach, I love it. There is something incredibly special about being out on the sand when no one else is around. Every Wednesday for 16 weeks, I was up early chasing the tide out, and I was privileged to see the sun rise over the sands, watching as the sea started to sparkle and the seabird and seal colonies woke up.

If that doesn’t grab you, then imagine how smug I was to return home at 10am, with the rest of the day free, when my housemates were only just getting breakfast.

4.       Breadth of study!

71% of the planet is underwater, and marine biology covers it all. Nearly all other degrees are land based (even finances and business doesn’t work underwater). Marine Biology studies range from the origins of life, to the largest animal that’s ever lived (the blue whale if you were wondering). We literally learn about a whole new world, and we haven’t even discovered it all yet. How is this not the greatest degree?

Marine Biology is the best course out there, who else can watch Blue Planet and get away with calling it revision?