🏑 Packing up for University

Going away to university is the perfect time to assess the material things in your life. We all have so much clutter at home that we don’t need, and going away to university allows you to see that. You have to take everything that you need in a very small space. As I have moved from my parents’ house to a city six hours away, I have brought everything that I will need for a whole year. I have packed a lot of jumpers and coats, as well as summer tops and shorts. As I’m writing this it is currently throwing it down with rain, which makes my very grateful for the warm clothes. It’s shocking though how much space fleeces take up in a rucksack! I was extremely grateful for vacuum bags in the preparation for this trip. Even when you pack just the bare essentials it still seems like a lot of stuff piled up at the front door.

The drive from Leeds to Plymouth is a long one, so to avoid most of the traffic we got up at 4:30am and left at 5am. We made excellent time even though we stopped off for breakfast on the way.

There is something strange about the journey from home to university. You’re not nervous exactly, but you don’t know what to expect. I was leaving behind a city that I had become used to after three years, and was going somewhere new and exciting. It’s a big step again and you just don’t quite know what to expect.

Picking new housemates at random is always a bit risky, no matter how much you try it always seems to come down to luck. I managed to visit the house before I signed the tenancy agreement, and met a few of my prospective housemates. I seemed to have luck on my side in this draw though, and so far we all seem to be getting on wonderfully. Your housemates really do make a big difference to your time at university, and can make it an even more enjoyable experience. I think we’re going to have a brilliant year ahead.

If you thought there was a lot when you first packed up during the journey, things seem to multiple so that when you start to unpack everything. All your stuff just seems to explode over the room! Figuring out where to start is always a daunting task, but until it is done you don’t feel at home. Clothes and things are easy to sort out, but it’s all those little trinkets that don’t really have a place, yet need to be on hand every day. My new room has these tiny old Victorian cupboards built in the walls that are perfect for storing away those bits and pieces. Once everything is in its place, your room starts to look so much better and feels more like home!


Home sweet home! πŸ˜