⛵ My University Bucket List

Moving to a new place is always really exciting, especially to a new university. I only have a year in Plymouth, so I really need to make the most of my time here. I was throwing ideas around with my friends when we came up with a University Bucket List! So many people say they really want to see things or do things whilst they are at university, but never get around to it. Hopefully, a bucket list will help me focus on getting through everything I want to do in one year. I would really advise other people to do the same, it’s easy to dream but once you write it down somewhere it becomes harder to ignore or put off. So here is my list of what I would like to do whilst I am at Plymouth, I will probably add to it throughout the year, but hopefully I’ll complete it all before I leave.

1.       Eat fish and chips by the sea.
Ok, I have had fish and chips by the sea before but only on holiday, I have never done this in the place where I live. I am actually really excited for this one!

2.       Swim in the sea.
I really need to pick the right time and weather for this one, but this certainly needs to be done at some point.

3.       Dive around the coast.
I love scuba diving and I have dived a lot around Penzance, but never near Plymouth. I need to see the Plymouth area both above and below the waves before I leave.

4.       Eat a Cornish Pasty.
They look and smell soooo good when I walked past the bakers, so I must have one at some point. Maybe in the middle of winter when it’s freezing cold outside.

5.       Swim in the outdoor lido.
It is closed for the season now but I will take a dip in that pool in the summer, before the end of the (academic) year.

6.       Visit Dartmoor.
I will certainly need to plan this one a little more than grabbing a pasty, but the beautiful sights will be completely worth it.

7.       Visit my friend in Sidmouth.
My friend used to be my housemate in Liverpool, but I won’t let her escape so easily. Whilst I’m in the South I need to go to Sidmouth to annoy her at some point.

8.       Visit the Gin Distillery.
Hmmm… gin tasting sounds like a good plan to me, and think of all that historical goodness!

9.       Go to the top of Smeaton’s Tower.
The views must be incredible from the top of Smeaton’s Tower, although I bet it’s windy up there, so I may need to take a scarf.


10.   Try paddle boarding.
I’m not a very sporty person but paddle boarding always looks so peaceful and gentle. I’d love to get out on the water and try that out.

11.   Kayak in Plymouth Sound.
The first time I tried kayaking it was white water kayaking! Plymouth Sound looks like it would be a lot more relaxing, which might mean I stay inside the Kayak this time!

12.   Visit the National Marine Aquarium.
The aquarium may be good for a rainy day, I always loved The Deep Aquarium in Hull. It’ll be interesting to view some different fish for a change.

13.   Take a boat trip around the coast line.
I love being out on the water on boats, so a trip around the coast line one day would be brilliant.

14.   Visit the theatre.
There are so many great shows that visit Plymouth, I’ll have to keep my eye open for what is appearing this year.

15.   Go Rock Pooling.
A classic favourite, I can’t wait to explore Plymouth’s shores.