🎼 An Evening with the University of Plymouth Orchestra 🎼

A great part of being part of the Plymouth University community is being able to experience things outside of your normal social groups. I have no musical talent and would never consider joining any of the music based societies having nothing to offer them, but this doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the music. This month Plymouth University Orchestra performed at the Minster Church of St Andrew completely for free. It was a beautiful evening where anyone could go along and listen to the stunning music, having an evening away from deadlines and assignments.  

The orchestra played many pieces including Adagio from Spartacus, Serenade for Wind, Adagio for Strings and a piece from 1893 titled 'From the New World'. The collection of pieces meant there was something for everyone but personally I was entranced by them all.


A special treat was that of the Les Miserables Medley. This was a perfect example of how the different music societies work together, as the music was played by the orchestra and the songs sung by the University Student Choir. They ran through a collection of songs, giving the audience a taster of each one. They were then to perform a musical collection the following week; this performance was a warm up for them, and for most, was the first time they had not just sung with an orchestra, but also solo. There was a mix of solos, duets and then the choir as a whole and all performed remarkably well.


Events such as these are perfect part in demonstrating how inclusive university is. This night was free for all and open for the musical and the non musical, everyone can appreciate classical music even if they have no musical knowledge. The collaboration of two university societies displayed Plymouth University's ethos of working together. Yes, it might just have been a small concert, but it actually represents a lot more than what might first appear.