❄️ Things to Do When It’s Snowing Outside ☃️

Of course when the snow hits England we all stop our everyday lives, unable to go into work or university - we suddenly have a day off! It can be quite strange having unexpected free time; you often don’t find out you’re free until you try to step out of the front door ready to begin your commute and find you’re not going to get anywhere. Then you have the whole day stretching out empty before you and it’s only 8 o’clock. So, what to do? Well, me and some friends have been putting together a list of activities that are perfect to help pass the time.

snow 3.jpg

1.       Lets get this out the way quickly - you could always work from home. I know, I know, not a very attractive option, but let’s just acknowledge that you can actually carry on doing university work from home. Catching up on lectures, writing up notes or even proof reading essays. Snow doesn’t really stop you, but it’s a good enough excuse so let’s move on to more exciting options. 

2.       Snowball fights! Always a popular option when you have a decent group of mates willing to brave the cold.

3.       Sledging. Why not head to the Hoe or Central Park with a sledge? No matter how old you are, you can never say no to an afternoon of sledging. It’s essentially a free roller-coaster ride. 

4.       Build a snowman! This never gets old - even the most uncreative person can pull together a snowman. If it falls apart, simply blame the snow - clearly it wasn’t good snowman building snow.

Snow day.PNG

5.       Go out to snap some Instagram posts. Social media blows up with photos of the snow when it hits, so it’s a choice of either ignoring your buzzing phone or heading out for a walk and joining in. The snow does make for some beautiful photos, especially if you can grab it when it’s fresh and no one has walked there yet.

6.       Head to the pub. Somehow there is never a bad time to do this, but in this weather there is always the possibility of getting snowed in - and what a tragedy that would be.

7.       Knitting a nice warm scarf. This might mean watching a few YouTube videos to learn how to knit, but it's a practical activity and time well spent in weather as cold as this.

8.       Movie Day! When it’s cold outside curl up on the sofa under a thick fluffy blanket with a nice mug of hot chocolate and stick on some good films.

9.       Time to bake some brownies. What better way to keep out the cold than filling the room with warm chocolate smells? It's a sure way to bring everyone out of their rooms for some yummy snacks.

10.   Watch Frozen! Ok, that is a little cliché, but does that really matter? With so much snow around, how can you not be in the mood for Frozen?

11.   Call all your friends over for a board game day. No reason to feel bad for staying in when it’s this cold; gather round and get down to some good old fashioned board games.


12.   Not my favourite, but my friend was disappointed at not being able to get to the gym, so made his housemates do a work out in the living room with him. It’s an idea, but a little too energetic for my liking…    

13.   Lovely hot bath. If you fancy some peace and quiet away from all the hubble and bubble that comes with the snow arriving, run yourself a nice hot bath. It’ll warm you up nicely during the cold times as well.

14.   As you 're stuck inside, why not get on with reading that book you keep meaning to start? Wrap up warm and snug and listen to the wind howling outside whilst you get lost in amongst the pages.

15.   Finally, the most important and most British response to the snow, or anything that happens. Make a cup of tea.

Well, that is quite a collection to go through to pass the time and enjoy these brief days off. The snow won’t stay here for long, but keep these in mind for the next time (in 10 years) when the university is closed due to snow.