Just checking in…

Its November, the fun of freshers has faded, the nights are darker and the work is starting to pile up – so what is Uni really like?

A few months into it all seems like a great time to look back and reflect on the not-so-new routine. We now know where the toilets are, who does the best coffee - and more importantly; the first assignment has been submitted!

I know that after a gap in studies, these essays put fear into us like no other! However, regardless of entry qualifications (A-Levels, Access, BTEC) there is a clear transition to academic writing for University. It is undoubtedly daunting for everyone, but the support from the University is the key to success – and should be utilised as much as possible. The Writing Café (which is on the top floor of Babbage Monday-Friday) is a service I personally found to help with my referencing and structuring my essay, they helped to analyse my work to help me strive that little bit further. After all, it gets to the point where you have overread your essay so many times I just look at the words and skim over it, so a second reader is beyond helpful!

Support from lecturers and personal tutors has been great, and they are reassuring that they are not expecting us to come to University knowing instantly how to create the ‘perfect essay’ – they are here to teach us! Personally, my degree is specific and I have worked alongside these professionals in the past and had a little insight to what the course content may well entail, but I know whichever subject you chose, this is the point when you can really ‘sink your teeth in’ and explore the subject you’re interested in! The library has so much to offer, thousands of books and journals both physically and electronically that you can explore every subject imaginable; they’re even open 24 hours for the night owls amongst us.


The biggest thing I have learnt, is to learn how to manage your time; it’s so important to work hard, but you must enjoy yourself too. After all, this is such a pivotal time in life and you’re going to remember it for the rest of your life. So ask for help when you need it, knuckle down when you need to, and enjoy having fun with friends!