A Day in the Life of an Occupational Therapy student

So, what we all want to know is what a standard day is like once you get to Uni right? I have put together an average day so that you can gain a little insight into my routine – please bear in mind, I am on a health care course; we must commit a certain number of hours to register with our professional bodies upon graduation... (So if my timetable looks busier than you were told yours would be… don’t panic!)

I study at PAHC which is out near Derriford Hospital, a few miles from the city centre. Luckily, we have a few buses that we can jump on for free with our student ID!


Now, it is true – some lectures start at 9am but not always. I will often aim to get there before this time anyway; it’s the quietest time of day and means you can have a little time to sort everything you need before the day begins.



Most of my lectures are an hour, but some are 2 (and you often get a break halfway through).


We often have a workshop or seminar in the afternoon. These are often in smaller groups and consist of going over lecture content, but more interactive and great if you learn by revisiting things in small groups. This is a great way of learning from your peers and making friends.


Due to the nature of my course, we also do some practical elements, such as Manual Handling and learning about equipment; this mixes it up and is a great way to learn about my studies. The facilities at PAHC means that we can simulate hospital scenarios with beds, baths and physical aids.


This is usually ‘home time’ but we can sometimes finish at 6pm. Lots of people on my course get on the bus but some drive; the parking is limited though.


Once I’ve had dinner etc, I go to the gym 4/5 times per week; it helps massively to sweat out the day! And the great thing about the city is that there are gyms everywhere and at super competitive prices. Especially because the countdown to Christmas has begun…


As I am writing this, I have got 2 assignments looming and an exam coming up. This means my workflow is high, and I will also fit in bits of work ‘here and there’ throughout the day. I find this a good time to settle down and create some revision cards or re-write my lecture notes from the day.



It seems a little obvious, but sleep is super important right now! Uni life is great for the social life and I’m certain that you will have plenty to do in that aspect, but you get so much more from your lecture if you can stay awake! I like to get as much done in the week, so that I can truly relax at weekends, but you’ll find what works for you.

This is pretty much standard for 4 out of 5 days per week, and we often have SDL (Self-directed learning) on one day where we will be set tasks by our lecturers that we can do in our pj’s at home! I personally find this time useful to pop to the library on main campus and meet up with my personal tutor if I need any help.