Christy Lui

BA (Hons) Media Arts

"Hey there, I'm Christy, a third year student studying media arts. I studied in Hong Kong for most of my life in schools that followed a British education system as English is my first language.

At the age of 15, I came to England alone to attend a girl's boarding school, and then at the age of 17, I got into Plymouth University! I enjoy photography, drawing digitally and traditionally, as well as producing videos. Through my blog you will be able to get to know me and what my life is like at university."


Sneha Subramanian

MA English and Culture

“I'm pursuing an MA (English and Culture) and have worked as a correspondent, sub-editor and lecturer previously. Literatures, postcolonial identities and equality are concerns close to my heart. 

Find me by the sea, enjoying a cuppa or with a book. I write to live --- Plymouth's sea, seagulls, flora and fauna are my newest inspirations.”


Ankitha Manohar

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology

“I never run out of places to visit in and around Plymouth because there is so much to do and to take in.

The city has been extremely open and welcoming to me and having just been here for two years, I have already gained a sense of belonging.”