I am glad to say that I’ve made it! I have graduated with a Masters degree in Architecture. It’s been 2 of the best years in Plymouth, with hard work and loads of fun. I am so happy that I am able to end this chapter with a smile on my face even though there were times I did not think I could do it.

Plymouth has been really great to me in these 2 years. The number of new lifelong friends that I have met and the knowledge I gained here is irreplaceable. I also managed to organise my time well between sports, work and my part time jobs.

These two years taught me to grow up and step out from my comfort zone. One thing I am very proud of is the fact I got nominated and awarded half colours for my contribution to the Volleyball Society.


Graduation day for me was on the Friday (24/9/2016). It was one to remember. The feeling walking through the stage to receive my graduation certificate was the proudest moment of my life. The weather was lush, and after the ceremony where I was greeted by my family and friends. There was definitely the obligatory hat throw picture.


At night my family and I had dinner with a few of my housemates. Being away from home for two years now, it’s good to finally have the whole family together and my family away from home (my housemates).

I am not sure what my future holds, but I know now that I can do anything when I put my mind towards it. I know I will try my best to achieve what I want in my future.

Thanks for reading, bye!