My summer experience in the UK - Gay Pride

There are many good reasons to study in the United Kingdom. I believe many students all over the world that want to study overseas will debate among where they want to study in the world. Besides the first class education system in the United Kingdom, there are many other reasons to choose here for university however. One of the main reasons that I enjoy studying in the UK is the cultural differences here. Between Malaysia and UK, I've found there to be massive cultural differences between both places.

June is pride month around the world and this means different pride activities that support the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender) community. One which I was grateful to be able to attend was Gay Pride in London. London is a big city which is about three and a half hours from Plymouth. Every year they hold Pride festivals all over the city for a week to celebrate love and not hate. This year was no different.

Myself and a few housemates planned a trip up to London for the weekend to see the amazing Pride festival which many of us had seen in movies. It was an amazing weekend of fun-filled adventures and experiences that I will cherish forever.

We stopped off at Farnborough on Friday first, where we visited Thorpe Park for the day. Thorpe Park is interesting with the different roller coaster rides. As you know, I am an adrenaline junkie, hence it was very fun to be able to go on most of those rides. We enjoyed a full day there with very nice weather too. Many of you might have seen the series, “The Inbetweeners” in which they talk about the ride Nemesis Inferno and I can assure you that the ride is as good as they described it on the show.

The following day, we headed off to London and joined the crowd of tens of thousands in central London celebrating gay pride. The atmosphere there was very good. Everyone was filled with love and acceptance. Even with the big crowd, everyone was happy and proud. It is a feeling that is hard to be describe and it did give us a lot of great vibes. We stood by the parade and watched as different companies (Tesco, Nandos and many more), the military and armed forces and many more walked the parade to show their support. We were invited with open arms and it felt amazing being there with a few of my housemates celebrating pride.

Pride festival went on the whole day along several of the famous streets in London (Oxford Street, Regent Street etc). There were concerts that was held in SoHo and Trafalgar Square which we went to later on for free. The place was packed with thousands of people but everyone was hugging each other and having a good time. There was just love and this is a feeling that I will never forget. Following that, we went on a night out and had the best time of our lives. 

Pride is something that I have never experienced in Malaysia and I am so glad that I was able to experience it in the UK! It shows how supporting people are for one another. Following the recent Orlando attack, many parts of the world are in shock about the hatred in the world and I think Pride festival is a good way to show that there is still love in the world and that love wins all.