Beach volleyball

Going to university often means trying new things. Many of us are trapped in our comfort zone that we limit ourselves to, without the eagerness or the motivation of trying new things. The thing is, we only live once and I believe no matter how much fear we might have of the unknown, it always worth trying.

As the academic year comes to an end and summer arrives, many of my mates went ahead to plan the summer with different activities. To my amazement, there was a beach volleyball student cup in Bournemouth over the weekend. Without hesitant, the volleyball club decided to head to Bournemouth for the weekend to take part.

I usually train for indoor volleyball, but playing beach volleyball is a whole different story. We found that out when we went for a few training sessions down at Cornwall. Running on sand is a challenge, imagine jumping on it and playing volleyball too. We had our coach teach us the difference between both indoor and beach volleyball and found out there were different technical rules to it too.

Over the weekend in Bournemouth, we decided to camp as it is the cheaper way. This adds to my list of new things that I’ve never done. It was my first time camping and I think it was amazing. From setting up the tent itself to having a barbecue outside, and sleeping over in a small tent with a few of my team mates was absolutely brilliant.

Beach volleyball turns out to be more challenging than I'd expected. The fact that it is played on sand and only two people per team was exhausting. Chris and I had some big challenges playing against teams that train for beach volleyball all the time. Even though we have never played beach volleyball before, we managed to make in into the top 32 which I think was an accomplishment. There were loads of university teams from all over UK including University of Newcastle, Cardiff, Bristol, to name a few.

On Sunday, we entered a mixed fours beach volleyball team which was more of a laugh. All in all, the whole weekend was great, especially the fact that a few of us got to hang out whilst doing the thing we love. It was an exhausting experience for all of us and I am still recovering from it, with an aching back and legs, but it was worth it. It is great that I am able to experience new things and create new memories even though my university life is coming to an end.