Study Technique

It’s May! Besides the weather is getting warmer, summer is coming real soon. Exams and final submissions period are here as well. It means time in the library and for my case, studio most days. As sad as I am that I cannot enjoy the lovely weather, I will be even happier to graduate and do well for my masters.

As an architecture student, I do not have any exams for my whole postgraduate degree. Even though that sounds really nice, but the amount of assignments that I need to do for submission needs so much more time and concentration for it. That is probably why I am always stuck at home or in the studio doing work most of the time.

I can’t give much advice on how to study for the finals, but I think I can give some advice on how I get my assignments done. First thing first, the environment is very important. Table space and a decent chair makes doing the assignment so much more enjoyable. If you are planning to sit at the same spot for the next 6 hours, the chair better be comfortable.

Besides that, I always listen to music when I am studying. I have a few different playlists to suit the mood I am in at the time to help me get through my assignments. I don’t like when it’s too quiet while I am doing my assignments as it makes me want to go to bed. I always use Spotify to stream my music and there’s quite a few playlist in there that helps me get through this period.

Snacks are very important during this time. I think maybe it’s just me, but I love to eat tidbits while I am doing assignments to not get me too bored while doing work. I tend to get fruits or yoghurt that are healthy just so I will not gain too much weight in this period of time.

Getting friends together from your course to do assignments is one of the perks as everyone will be able to help each other with. Sometimes when doing assignments, it will be very easy to get stuck or lost on what is needed for the assignment, but with friends there, they may be able to help with stuff that you don’t understand.

The last advice I would give is no matter how busy it gets, it is still essential to go for tutorials and classes for the project as seeing a lecturer will be able to help you to give some advice to how to improve your project.