Part-time jobs

One of the biggest concerns being a student without a doubt will be finance. Often, being a student can mean low budget food and trying to keep social activities to the minimum. Other concerns for some students will be the fact that they have to earn money to support themselves. I am not any different.

Finding a part-time job in Plymouth is not hard at all. If you are able to manage your time well, sometimes getting a part time job will be a great experience and a way to meet new people. The money will be good when pay day comes too.

Plymouth University offers many part-time jobs, one of the most significant ones is being a student ambassador. When I have the time, I will take up different jobs including campus tours, language assistant etc. to be able to earn some extra money.

Other jobs that I am able to land in the University are as a campaign ambassador, where I am able to get involved in many different campaigns. This includes doing photoshoots for the University and my latest taking part in the Student Life Magazine project. I was also fortunate to do a social media takeover which I enjoyed it very much. Through this process, I am glad I met a few new friends along the way.

Besides doing jobs for the University, I am currently working part-time for TK Maxx in Plymouth City Centre. I try to keep my hours to the minimal so I can focus on assignments, however I do enjoy working in retail and being able to do something I like besides my course all the time. It’s an outlet that I can channel if I get too stressed over architecture.

Getting a job is not hard at all, you will have to keep an eye out for the places that are advertising and keep your c.v up to date. It will be good if you carry one with you all the time when your looking and pass it to potential businesses to get a job. Since Plymouth is populated by many students, lots of places are very flexible with the job hours that are given.