Why I chose Plymouth

Recently I’ve been helping Plymouth University with a few projects as a campaign ambassador, one of which is the Student Life Magazine. Besides that, I took over the social media platforms and answered questions from prospective students as part of the #ChatWithPlym event. These few projects have helped me to understand the University better and allowed me to meet new people in the process.


One of the biggest thoughts that went through my mind while doing these projects was the big decision I had to make before choosing a university. I know many people have this problem when choosing a university and it’s very normal to be indecisive and stressed out over it. I know I was when I was making my decision. The countless nights of uneasy sleep I had when deciding.

I decided to write a blog post about why I chose Plymouth, hopefully to be able to help people who are reading to have a little bit more understanding about Plymouth because I know reading through student life blogs did help me when I was making my decision.

1. Plymouth Hoe and Barbican. I know it’s cliché but it truly is stunning. The Hoe and Barbican are absolutely beautiful. One of the main reasons I chose to study in Plymouth was that I always wanted to live somewhere near the coast!

2. The volleyball club! Plymouth University has tons of society and sports clubs to join. It's a great way to make friends and to be able to share your experiences with people who enjoy what you do. I am in both the volleyball and surf club and I must say I met a lot of friends there and truly enjoy my time in them.

3. Dartmoor. A national park located near Plymouth. I personally enjoy travelling and coming from a major city, I never miss out a chance to  explore the national park whenever I have the free time to.

4. Royal William Yard. This place is 15 minutes from Plymouth City Centre and it has wonderful food and really pretty coastline. I enjoy just hanging out on a sunny day with my mates there for either lunch or a cup of coffee.

5. Last but not least my course: Architecture. The architecture course I am doing is listed among the top universities. I enjoy it very much and the stuff I learn here will be a stepping stone for me before I head out into the real world. The facilities and studios in Plymouth are very well equipped for everything from model making to printing. Lecturers are well known and passionate about their jobs too.

I hope that some of my reasons help you who are reading slightly in making your choice. These are the reasons I chose Plymouth.