UPVC (University of Plymouth Volleyball Club) takes on Southampton

As part of the Volleyball team, there are quite a few competitions that we can take part in. There is the BUCS league and cup, varsity and many other different local leagues. Recently there have been quite a lot of volleyball fixtures. One of the most significant ones was UPVC versus Southampton.

We had to play two fixtures in the BUCS league against Exeter and Southampton Solent and these were played in Southampton. This is the furthest we have ever travelled for a game and it was a great pleasure for the chairman and I from the volleyball club to organise a trip for everyone who was interested in attending to go down to Southampton for the weekend. 

It was a very good day of volleyball. Even though we lost one game and won the other, I am very proud to be the captain that led my team here . Everyone played very well and we did our best in the game. 

Since Southampton was about a 3 hours' drive away from Plymouth, it seemed appropriate that we stayed over there to experience a little bit of the city, starting with a night out after the matches to celebrate our excellent performance.

The next day, after a night of celebration, the whole UPVC gang went to Ikea for a nice meal of meatballs, which I loved a lot. I have always loved Ikea, even when I was back in Malaysia - walking into Ikea with my team-mates, could say it was the highlight of my trip.

It was generally a very good bonding time for the team. We found out more about each other and had loads of fun together as a team. I would definitely suggest joining different societies to meet new people and share that friendship with a common interest. I believe university is about making new memories and all these memories were made in a way that no money can buy.