An update on my course

University can be very fun especially if you chose a course that you truly enjoy and I think I did it with my architecture course. Following my Poland trip and our initial urban design for the city of Slupsk and Ustka, starting this term up till June, we are required to design a building fitted for the urban design proposed last term.

It was our interim review two Fridays ago and it was no shock that everyone in my course produced absolutely amazing pre architectural building design. As you can imagine, designing a building takes up a lot of time and it will last very long, so for the first review, we had quite a few models that represent the spaces we want to produce and had to present them to four different crits to be able to improve our ideas.

The day started off with everyone pinning up their work around the corridor of Roland Levinsky Building level 2. With everyone done pinning up, we had to present it to four different crits based on the different topics, urban environment, building design, structure and environmental.

It was a long but rewarding day as we get feedback on our building design and will be able to move forward from this to achieve better building design. My building for this semester will be an aquaculture center located in the city of Ustka. I am very excited for this project as it will challenge me in so many ways, as I have never tried designing any marine type buildings. As this will be my final project before I graduate, I am very excited for the upcoming challenge I will face.