It's all about volleyball!

Sometimes studies require lots of brain power that will require breaks to recover. I don’t know about everyone, but for myself, I need to sweat it out. I was a volleyball player back in Malaysia where I played for my high school team, so when I found out about there being a volleyball club in University of Plymouth, I was very excited!

I joined the volleyball club when I first arrived in Plymouth. It was a friendly club that I actually very much enjoy. With the passion I have for volleyball and all the kind friends that I have met during my time in the club, it has made my university life much more fun.

I took up the position as treasurer and HEVO (Higher Education Volleyball Officer) for the club this year. It has been amazing and I really enjoy it. As an HEVO, I am appointed to run a session each week and able to take part in an event where I meet volleyball players from different university in England. I was invited to a weekend trip to Kettering in September 2015 to learn about how to manage a volleyball session. I am delighted to meet different people from different universities as well. I will say that the highlight of my trip was being able to meet two of the England Volleyball Olympic Team players, Nathan French and Peter Bakare and got a signed volleyball by them!

The competitions are also another amazing part of being involved with a sports team. I am very lucky to able to play different volleyball competition games all around the South West. I went Truro a few weekends ago with my team mates. It is an amazing feeling being able to compete in what I love.and this season has been very good as well.

One last thing is definitely the socials that happen with your mates in different societies. Going out and meeting all these wonderful people who share the same interest is what I enjoy most about being in a club. We go on night outs and even to the beach for some beach volleyball as a club.

I know that people may think that you have to be good at a sports to join a sports club, but I think that is definitely not the case. It’s a good way to meet people during your time in university. I know plenty of people who never played volleyball in their life but they have absolute fun during trainings and socials.