My study break travelling Europe

After the dreadful assignment submission last term, I was able to spend a quiet Christmas in Plymouth with my family. The Christmas holidays are always an adventure in which I truly enjoy myself. I was fortunate enough that my mother and sister were able to travel all the way from Malaysia to visit me and so we could spend Christmas together.

The highlight of my Christmas holiday was being able to travel with my family to countries in Europe. Our trip started on the 29th of December where we headed down to London for a musical. Mamma Mia Musical was simply amazing, I have always wanted to watch that and finally being able to watch it with my family was great.

Our travel continued on to Italy where we first visited Rome. As an architecture student, the excitement of being able to visit Rome was indescribable. Rome did not disappoint at all, the architecture there is amazing. From the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, to name a few, I was spoilt for architecture and could not stop taking pictures!

We continued our journey to Florence where I had the best pasta I've ever tasted, Gnocchi with seafood and Ravioli with pigeon meat. Now I understand why my Italian friends in Plymouth say that pasta everywhere in the world doesn’t match up to Italian pasta! Besides that, I had a jaw dropping moment when I stood inside the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, the dome was just extraordinary.

The trip did not end there as we then made our way to Venice. It was what I expected and more. The canals and gondola were what we had always seen on TV but better in person. 

Finally, we stopped by Zurich and then Milan for some shopping with my family before they headed off back to Malaysia.

Having got the travelling bug, I then continued travelling to Switzerland by myself to meet up with a few friends. I come from a country where is pretty much summer all year, so imagine the excitement when I was able to witness 8 inches deep of snow! The mountains and scenery in Switzerland were amazing. I think I will let the pictures do the talking for me.

I truly enjoyed my trip and now I am finally back at Plymouth continuing my next term. This trip inspired me to work hard in order to have a good career so I can afford to do more trips like this. I am glad I chose Plymouth University for my Masters as I get to travel Europe constantly as it is not too far away.