Applicant Days

By now, some of you might have had some university offers through - congratulations! Now, you’re probably wondering how you are going to decide which one to choose. Our advice would be to look at all the universities you are interested in again to see what they have to offer and if you can see yourself fitting in there. It’s a big decision to make, so be sure you’re making the right one! Investing a bit of time and interest now will allow you to be confident in your decision and could save you time and money later on down the line if you end up making the wrong choice! One way to gain some more information about your course and Plymouth University is to attend an applicant day.


What is an ‘applicant day’, I hear you ask…

Some of you might be reading this wondering what an applicant day is and what you might benefit from attending one. Many believe they might just be another open day for the university, but they’re actually completely different. You will attend an applicant day once you have applied to Plymouth University, getting an invitation to visit the particular department you want to study with. This will give you an insight into what your teaching syllabus will look like (including coursework/exam weightings and teaching hours per week), current students’ views via presentations and also taster subject talks/lectures. There’s also opportunity to look at all the facilities the university offers that aren’t necessarily subject specific including the Careers Hub, the Student Union and university halls.

Take advantages of these opportunities, it’ll give you a great idea of the warm and friendly atmosphere at Plymouth University and give you an idea if you can see yourself living here. Use it to compare your thoughts and feelings against other universities you have offered. If you have any burning questions about university life, feel free to ask the ambassadors or academics – it’s what they’re there for! They’d be more than happy to help you. When we went to one, it was almost like a ‘seal of approval’, getting to speak to the academics and students allowed us to realise we were making the right choice.

open day 3.JPG

University is much more than just your course. Take some time to explore what societies and clubs you could join too, they’re what you can spend your spare time doing and will form a major part of your university life. There’s something for everyone at Plymouth University, so be sure that you can carry on with an existing hobby or try something new! Many students also rely on part-time work whilst at university, so be sure to poke your head in to the Careers Hub to see what kind of support they can provide you. Also, they are there to assist you post-graduating – which is a great support network when you are final year (like us!) and on the hunt for graduate jobs!

Watch our Applicant Day interview below and get our tips for making the most of your day!