Hello from The Hens!

Hi everyone and welcome to our first blog entry! We’ve been thinking about what our first post should be about, but thought this could be a good opportunity for you all to get to know us a bit better. As you’ve probably guessed by our photos, we are twins – and weirdly enough do pretty much everything together. We have studied the same subjects, study the same degree classification, and even have the same jobs! We even got exactly the same A Levels after studying Business, Media and Geography together (we didn’t cheat, honest).

We’re 19 years old and have lived in Plymouth all our lives. We’re in our second academic year here, but unfortunately this is also our final year as we have been taking a fast-track course which means working for a little longer throughout summer, but getting your degree in two years rather than the traditional three! The sand-timer of time at university is quickly going down so we’re determined to make our final year here as good as our first!

We both live at home, and although many of you reading this will think we must live pretty boring lives – you’re so wrong and hopefully you’ll understand from our future blog posts why living at home was the best choice for us! We’re hoping to write another post on living at home whilst being a student so keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for that! By staying at home, you have the benefit of having rent-free accommodation, as well as all the home comforts whilst living it up to the max and making the most of your university experience. Another positive is we don’t have any heart-breaking goodbyes to our favourite little furry friend Chester!! We realise not all people feel like they can live at home whilst at uni, but realise we’re very lucky to have supportive parents who are pretty chilled. 

Outside of studying we have many jobs; we’re part-time B&Qers, part-time estate agents, part-time kids-shoe-sellers, part-time barmen and part-time blog writers! It’s fair to say we live very busy lives but we certainly wouldn’t have it any other way. Finding time to work in all these different places with your uni timetable can be challenging, but we’d definitely recommend everyone to get some sort of job whilst at university – it gives you great life skills and also tops up your bank balance a little. We’ll be writing more about having a job at uni in the coming weeks. We manage to do this all on top of socialising with our amazing friends that we have made over the past year, who have made our experience the best it could possibly be.

Over the next academic year we’ll be providing an insight into our lives at Plymouth University. Having lived in Plymouth all our lives, we have lots to talk about when it comes to the city and why you should study here. We hope you enjoy our forthcoming posts!