👶 The Freshers’ to-do List 🎓

Becoming a student is an exciting time of your life, as you’ll be experiencing new things, meeting new people, and taking on more responsibilities. It’s important to take time to settle in and have some fun, but there are also some important things to make sure you do within your first few weeks. Here are my top recommendations.


Sign up for LinkedIn

When I began my Business course, my lecturers consistently recommended that we all sign up for LinkedIn as soon as possible. This is a social network that aims to connect people within a professional network. It essentially acts as on online CV, where you can list your qualifications and work experience. Even if these are lacking, set yourself up a profile and build it up over time. This also gives you more time to connect with more people, including your course mates.

Add a professional-looking profile photo and a description of your skills and attitude, and you’ll have a page attracting potential employers in no time! Many employers are on the lookout on this network, and if you’re lucky it could lead to opportunities such as work placements and even graduate jobs.

Sign up for LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com


Register with a Doctor

Registering with a doctor is very important, so don’t delay it! It’s common to get ill within your first few months at University. Think about how many people you’ll be around in such a short period of time. This makes it very easy for bacteria to spread more quickly. When you fall ill, it’ll save a lot of time and hassle if you’re already registered with the medical centre, you’ll thank yourself later.

Here’s the info you need: https://www.plymouthuniversityhealth.co.uk/new-to-uni/

Register to vote

Politics affects everyone, so it’s worth registering to vote so you have the option when the time comes. You can register online and it takes only a few minutes. There are local council elections coming up in May, and results have been pretty close in Plymouth historically so every vote counts. Whatever your opinions are, make sure you have the right to make your voice heard! Even if you’ve voted before, you may need to reregister for your new term-time address, depending on where you want to use your vote.

Here’s the link to register: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote


It can sometimes be easy to push things like these to the back of your mind to deal with later, but getting them out of the way nice and early can ease your mind, especially considering these three things combined can be completed in 10 minutes or so, and could help you out a lot later on. With these basic tasks complete, you’ll free up more time to enjoy yourself and explore Plymouth and its surrounding areas. Check out the photos throughout this blog post of a nearby beach in Wembury that I recently visited! Enjoy becoming a student, and make the most of it.

Talk soon people,