✍️ Vanquishing Writer's Block


It seems almost paradoxical how a blank page can feel so intimidating at times. Students write on a daily basis, be it coursework, essays, reports, or exam questions. Many will also write for fun in the form of stories, poetry, diary entries or blog posts such as this one, however, even those who love writing can hit a brick wall. Any number of factors can cause a shortage of creative ideas, a lack of motivation, or a temporary lapse in productivity. In fact, this is where the idea for this blog post arose from. Lacking in ideas for my writing, I started to think about the ways in which I could spark creativity and thought it could be helpful to share these ideas with you.

Fresh Ideas

One of the biggest challenges in creative writing can be generating new ideas when you’re just not feeling creative. Your first reaction might be to look for inspiration from existing works, and you wouldn’t be wrong to do so. It ultimately comes down to your frame-of-mind, and this can be improved through reading and thinking. Perhaps you could try writing an alternative timeline of events for your favourite fictional work. An exercise like this can get you thinking more creatively, which will get you off the ground in terms of producing your original ideas.

Productivity and De-stressing

Particular frames of mind can drain any feeling of productivity from you, and leave you feeling unable to produce what you want even if your mind is full of ideas. This could be caused by stress and distractions, so don’t give up! At this time of year, students’ workloads can feel gargantuan, so it’s important to strike the right work-life balance. Take time out to go for walks or runs, take in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Exploring the city and taking photos of the nicest views you can find might inspire you. Exercise and healthy eating can also reduce stress and make you feel more productive.

Distractions and Environment

You could try removing distractions from around you and craft the perfect environment for productivity. My smartphone can be a huge distraction for me, and I find I’m able to work more effectively if I leave it in an entirely different room, so I’m not tempted to reach for it if I feel bored. Some people will work better listening to music, listening to some classical piano music creates a relaxed atmosphere that will get your mind into gear. Creating an environment which allows me to focus entirely on the task at hand, and having the appropriate mindset, finally allows me to transfer my ideas to paper, and I hope that this advice will help you to do the same.


Talk soon people,