⏰ A Day in the Life of a Student Ambassador

Interested in becoming a Student Ambassador? Whether you’re thinking about coming to university this year, or you’ve been here a while already, I’ll use this post to explain to you the role of a student ambassador, as I recently helped out with the January 2018 Applicant Day. I will then explain how I became a Student Ambassador in the first place. I hope you find this helpful!


6AM - A Bright and Early Start

An early start for the Applicant Day means an early start for us ambassadors. You might think we’re tired, but we’re brimming with enthusiasm to greet prospective students who have probably had to get up far earlier if they’re travelling far! I’ll admit though, I’m not a morning person, so I decided it was best not to upload any photos from this stage of the day.

7AM - The Pep Talk

Some words of wisdom from the team provide us with applicant-day-omniscience (hopefully!), so we’re able to help you guys out with any questions you have about where you need to go and what you need to do. Don’t be scared to approach us, we’re here to help!


9AM - Helping Prospective Students

Today I’ve been allocated to a talk management role, which means I’ll be helping to ensure that talks run smoothly throughout the day. This includes managing room capacity and ensuring the room is ready for each talk.

12:30PM - Lunch

Visitors to our open days get a free lunch as seen below! These pasties are delicious and not to be missed. As Student Ambassadors we can buy our own from the many University cafes across campus. We’re allocated an ‘ambassador room' for the day, so we can go there to chill during our lunch break.


1PM - Helping Out

The rest of my day was spent assisting visitors with anything they had questions about, including taking them to find wherever they needed to go. All the visitors I encountered were friendly and excited, being a part of their Open and Applicant Day experiences is always really rewarding.


How to Become a Student Ambassador

I first expressed my interest in becoming a Student Ambassador at a careers fair held in the Roland Levinsky Building. Check out the link below for upcoming fair dates and details on how to apply.


I was later invited to an interview with other students, in which we completed some group-based tasks. Shortly afterwards, I was informed that I had been successful and could apply to work at Open Days and other university events. I have also worked as a subject specific ambassador for my Business course, get in contact with your course leader if you’re interested in that role. Good luck!

Talk soon people,