🍝 Plymouth's Finest Dining Establishments

The city of Plymouth offers a wide range of exquisite dining establishments for you to choose from. If you’re thinking of coming to study here, rest assured you will have the finest of eateries to visit in your social time. From breakfast to dinner, or even later at night, there’s always somewhere open to find the food you crave.


Breakfast - Table Table by Premier Inn

This may seem like an odd choice, but hear me out. Premier Inn is, of course, a bed and breakfast. In my mind, this must mean that a large proportion of their business efforts must go into providing a great breakfast experience! For only £7-9 for an all-you-can-eat buffet, breakfast at Table Table is too good of an opportunity to pass up. Whilst it might not be realistic for this to be a daily occurrence, keep this option in mind when you have friends or family visiting you in Plymouth. Having them stay in the Premier Inn is the perfect opportunity to join them for breakfast in this restaurant next door. Not to see them though, just for the pancakes (yum!).


Luncheon – University of Plymouth Cafés

The University of Plymouth’s cafés are not only conveniently situated around campus, the university cafés also sell high quality food which is made with locally-sourced ingredients, and they use recyclable cups for improved sustainability. Those with particular dietary requirements may enjoy Reservoir café’s offerings which are entirely vegetarian or vegan, and all the cafés offer discounted pricing for students. New meals are available throughout the week, and there is even a loyalty scheme for hot drinks. I feel I must emphasise: I haven’t been asked to plug the University’s cafés! I just genuinely find them to be well worth a visit every now and again!

Dinner - Barbican Pasta Bar

The Barbican Pasta Bar is, as the name suggests, situated on the Barbican, which is only a 10-15 minute walk away from campus. Fans of Italian food will gorge with relish on pasta or pizza dishes. As simple as these dishes may be, the rich tomato sauces and freshly cooked vegetables provide a consistently delicious meal on every occasion. This restaurant is great for special occasions. With friendly staff, great food, and a killer crème brûlée, this is one of my favourite places to eat in Plymouth. I’d certainly recommend a visit, and do bear in mind that they serve, in my humble opinion, the most delicious nachos in Plymouth!


Midnight Snack - Spar

North Hill is home to a well-known dining experience known nationally as ‘Spar’. With a mini Subway nestled within, this 24/7 establishment provides sustenance during any time of need you might encounter. Feeling peckish at gone midnight? No fear, Spar’s got your back again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief overview of eating experiences in Plymouth. Don’t be afraid to explore the various other options that are available, there are plenty of wonderful, little cafés and restaurants tucked away in places you might not expect, so have a look around!

Talk soon people,