Moving Away from Home

With just over a month to go until University starts, new students will inevitably be thinking about what it’s going to be like moving somewhere new. A lot of focus is placed on this when friends and family give you advice, suggesting ways in which you may be able to settle in more easily. Moving can indeed be stressful, so much so that people can often overlook that you might also be specifically worried about moving away from your current home.

Big changes like this can be scary, as you may feel like you’re losing everything that’s familiar to you. You’ll be moving away from your family, and your friends are likely going their own ways too. You’ll be leaving behind your bedroom, your home and perhaps most importantly your pets (like my extremely photogenic cat below!).


Even if you’re itching to move out and be independent as soon as possible, you may start to miss all of this eventually when you’re at University, many new students get feelings of homesickness. If so, it’s important to remember that you’ll be able to visit others and they’ll be able to visit you, but all the while you’re throwing yourself out of your comfort zone to help yourself grow into a more independent person. The main thing is to do as much as you can with your friends and family while you still can, make the most of them and use your summer to the full. This also goes for summers between your years studying which, from my experience, seem to be over faster than you anticipated.

I spent my summer this year doing things that I knew would create memories. Memories and photos will help you feel less homesick when you’re away from home. Do lots of whatever you love, be it concerts, day trips or anything else. For example, I went to see Coldplay in Cardiff this July which was an amazing experience, and definitely one I’d recommend, they really do put on a great show.

In addition to this, I also had a day trip to Friendsfest, a touring event in which visitors can see the sets and props from the TV show Friends. It’s pretty cool being able to see such things after spending years being a fan. It’s making the most of your time ‘on a break’ like this that will help you feel less homesick in the future, as you will always have something to look forward to and be excited about.

So, do not fret, do lots of what you love and spend time with those who you’ll miss. Even if you’re nervous about the impending changes in your life, you’ll look back on the next few months as important and constructive, and you’ll hopefully be glad you embraced it so fully. You’ll be back at home for the holiday season before you know it.

You still have about a month left before you’re left to fend for yourself, so take this opportunity to gorge on as much free food as you can, food always seems to taste better when it’s free!

Talk soon people,