Results incoming!


August can be a nerve-wracking time for A-level students, and understandably so. The imminent discovery of how you’ve done in your exams can cause panic and stress. What if you don’t get the grades you need, what will it mean for your future?!

Make like a penguin and chill.

Take it from those of us who have been through it already, the chances are you’ve done far better than you ever expected of yourself. You know you’ve put the work in, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t pay off. Ask you parents and your friends, they likely believe in you, and so should you!

Instead of focussing too heavily on all of this though, it’s important to plan how you’ll best spend August productively. This is how I distracted myself from any potential concerns over exam results until the time actually came. Think instead about what you’ll need to do to prepare for University life. Make sure to spend some time with your friends before you go your separate ways too, you may not see them for a while and being with them should help alleviate your worries, as you’re all in the same boat and you can help each other by talking it through and reassuring each other.


The truth is that not everyone gets the results they were hoping for, but while this may seem upsetting at the time, know that all hope is not lost. I’ve seen that the Clearing process provides everyone the chance of studying where they want to, even if you didn’t secure a place with your results. It’s important to show that you are passionate about your chosen subject and have the drive to work hard, and if you really want it there’s a good chance you’ll be able to fill in one of the free spaces on available courses.

You can pre-register for Clearing now, and find out more about what Clearing is by following this link:

Even if you are unable to join the course you intended, there may be similar ones available, or indeed completely separate courses which when presented to you grab your interest. These might not be what you planned for, but if you’re set on going to University, at least consider all the options available to you. Think about what you’re likely to enjoy doing with your life, and how the decisions you make will impact your employability going forwards.

The nerves will inevitably return on results day, but it’ll all be over before you know it and you’ll have time to assess your options and choose the right path for you. Whatever your results are, just a few weeks from now you’ll have a feeling of certainty over where you’re going, which will boost your confidence heading into the next chapter of your life.

So, in summary, here’s my advice. Keep busy, have fun, stay productive, remain calm, look at plenty of memes while fidget spinning, and remember: you don’t need luck when you’ve worked as hard as you have!

Talk soon people,