Greetings all, my name is Harry Millard and I’m a BA (Hons) Business Studies student. As I’m just about to head into my final year, I thought now would be a good time to start sharing some of what I’ve learned at University with you, as well as a bit about my experiences so far. Attending an Open Day here was what convinced me that Plymouth was the place for me to be.  The location, the course, everything just suited me. During my 3 years here, I’ve made some of the best friends imaginable, had loads of fun, and even got a little bit of work done too!

Originally from Somerset, I was used to living in a quiet rural area some distance from my nearest city, Bristol. I’m certainly more accustomed to city life now, and enjoy the convenience of having shops, clubs and more, all within walking distance. My friends and I can easily meet up for day trips, meals, or nights out. I also enjoy spending free time watching movies at Reel Cinema, trying to win Roundabout’s pub quiz (occasionally succeeding!), and going for runs around Plymouth Hoe. Sometimes.

Over the last year I’ve been on Placement, working for the University as their Social Media Intern. I’ve been helping to run the University’s social media presence on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. If you’re not already following, there’s some really interesting content that’s definitely worth checking out!

As the academic year draws to an end, I prepare to move into final year as some of my course mates are about to graduate. We’ve just celebrated our time here together with the Business Society’s Summer Business Ball, consisting of a 3-course meal, live music and a mini casino. I’ll soon be starting work on my dissertation, and hope to share with you the experience of completing it, as well as tips on how to manage the work effectively and avoid stress.

In addition to being appointed as one of this year’s student bloggers, I have also just become a student ambassador, meaning I’ll be able to work at Open Days and other University events, and let you know more about the role itself and its application process, in case it’s an opportunity that piques your interest.

I intend to blog in more detail as the year goes on about things such as my everyday life, my course, the benefits of completing a placement, as well as more information about the city, accommodation advice, revision techniques, and what I’m getting up to each month. The University hosts many events for us students to partake in, and there’s plenty of external activities too throughout each year, so I’ll try to keep you updated on some of the opportunities that stand out to me.

Summer is on its way, so make sure you enjoy yourself and think about what you might need to do to prepare for starting University. Stay tuned for my summer posts (and those from my fellow bloggers), and most of all, good luck with achieving the A-Level results you’re hoping for!

Talk soon people,