🎁 Last-Second Gift Ideas

You’ve left your holiday gift buying till the last possible moment and you have no idea what to do. No worries, here are some last minute ideas for Christmas presents. The first question is do you have Amazon Prime? If so, you may be able to get items shipped to you, or a recipient, in time for Christmas! Be sure to check for the delivery times advertised on each item. Otherwise, there is still hope. As promised, here are some cool ideas, with the suggestions ranging from coolest at the top, to increasingly desperate last-resorts towards the bottom. Hopefully there’s something here that can help you!


This may sound expensive, but you can get remote controlled helicopters, cars, or even boats for £10-15. These are by far the coolest gadgets in their price range, who wouldn’t love their own mini aircraft! If you’re feeling extra generous, splash out on a quadcopter with a camera, they can capture some amazing looking aerial photography and video, and are a lot of fun to fly if you can find the space to do it in.


Don’t forget you can gift movies and albums digitally nowadays, so even if you’ve missed those delivery windows, it’s not too late to bless someone’s life with the awe of Wonder Woman, the masterpiece of Dunkirk, or the somewhat-surprisingly-unobjectionable Justice League. Whether it’s Thor, Star Wars, or Lego Batman, 2017 was a great year for movies, so it’s hard to go wrong with this digital gift idea!


It’s never too late to burden a loved one with the obligation of a subscription service! Spotify, NowTV, Playstation Now, these are just a few of the services that you could get somebody hooked on. Their addictive convenience will entrap even the most committed of traditionalists. Never mind, so long as you haven’t pulled the old ‘gift of friendship’ spiel.

And if all else fails… Gift Cards

Nothing will please your loved ones more than a brutally honest embrace of consumerism, whereby you’ll allow them to indulge in whichever material possessions they so desire. Gone are the risky guessing games of late, nowadays we can buy our own Christmas presents ourselves in order to guarantee lifelong satisfaction. This will make your day easier too, especially considering that you could just email a virtual gift card on Christmas Day if needed, and perhaps even automate the process to repeat every year if you’re a particularly efficient gift buyer!


However you celebrate, Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody. Just remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Talk soon people,