🎉 My Induction and Freshers Week!


Hello, you wonderful bunch!

This blog is a reflection on my postgraduate induction, which will inform you guys on what you can expect from a postgraduate induction!

For my course specifically, I had a full two days of induction and it was very similar to the induction I had for my undergraduate degree. It had included talks from the SU, how to access the university’s intranet and ways to effectively use the library. All that jazz! For me, it was a great idea as it has been 2 years since I first experienced these talks and it gave me a refresher of all this information. I am forever looking for a chance to develop my skills and knowledge!

Part of being a teacher (yeah, I can say that now!) includes a lot of training, and over the last few weeks I have attended numerous training days to gain certification in subjects such as health and safety, as well as safeguarding. This is a great opportunity to develop my CV, and will be so beneficial in the future when looking for jobs too!

Now, let’s talk about Freshers’ Week. This year I decided I wanted to continue my role as a Hall Assistant (previously called an RA), because of this decision I once again live with freshers and they are certainly a lovely bunch! They seriously made me embrace Freshers’ Week! When I had free time (normally later on in the afternoons) they would drag me out to all of the Freshers’ Fairs and we would get all of the freebies… which led to a cheeky pizza night in our flat thanks to all the discounts we got! It was really useful that the SU held events that ran later on in the day, especially for me as I don’t formally finish placement or lectures until 3pm!


I’ve had a wonderful few weeks starting my course and getting settled in! It has also been lovely to redo Freshers’ Week for the third time! Freshers’ Week is one of those things that never gets old.

I cannot wait to see what the next year brings me!

Catch up with you soon,